Cigarettes – Yes, though I am no heavy smoker at all. Never more than five daily (unless I go drinking, then it can even be packet). I go through stages though also, sometimes I can go days without smoking, and then I come back to it. Quit for 4.5 years, but for some idiotic reason came back, but at least nowhere near as heavy as during my student times (packet daily).

Alcohol – During week I don't really drink alcohol (except beer after work sometimes or on weekends), but when I go out, I love drinking! Generally I stick to beer when I go out, or wine with certain company, but on very rare occasions indeed when mood and company is right and of certain kind, then we bring out spirits (vodka and brandy are favourites), but it has been some time since I last had any hard liqours. Otherwise, hard liqour just makes my head hurt and makes me feel sad. I love my beer most.

About earlier argument about judging smokers and drinkers, yes, both of them are stupid and detrimental and it is right to say so, but it is also everyone's right to do whatever they want with themselves. If they enjoy it, they enjoy it. End of story.


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