@Gvarda well this was a bit too harsh (but true in an overexaggerative way)
I can understand serbian patriotism and defending the interests of their nation.
I would only wish for fair play when it comes to war or saying the truth (both sides).
We will never unite with serbia again but i hope that we can find a pleasing compromise over territory and treat each other with respect someday. Bratstvo? Da! Jedinstvo? Ne!

@Knez Do you even sleep? Lol
I dont compare ustase/cetniks by their interests but by their way of handling things.
And hell yes you did claim lands without serbs! In 90s there were NO serbs in coastal dalmatia, central and south bosnia and central slavonija! Only croats and muslims.

The three words “za dom spremni” cant be only associated with nazis! I hate nazis but I would scream this parole in any senseful situation! Why? Because it just says what it means and does not consist of any nazi stuff at all.

I want to see examples and sources about your part of austrian relocation of serbs inside croatia (because it sounds stupid and unbelievable to me).

Haha and no we wont leave croatia and never leaved it ;)
I could also say “move all to russia and leave the land for croats” lol
We are not expecting serbs to leave serbia like you guys expect us to leave croatia lmao.

So how did the very weak and not united turks beat the shit out of all anatolian byzantine empire before dusan ruled? 
Im not saying that serbia was completely responsible for byzantine fall but that its rulers were dumb enough to think that its a good idea of weakening the only power between them and raiding ottomans. Serbia simply had not enough troops to hold such an empire. Why? Because they greeded and multiplied their territory by five (like always).

Thompson has only like 3-4 provocative songs inside a bunch of albums, all other songs are about love and other beautiful stuff which could be heard of serbs too (highly recommending).

Tko zna jesu li tebe mozda jos vise slagali? ;) Postoji isto svijeta izvan srpskih interesa haha