@Knez The only brainwashed person here is you.You speak the traditional Serbian bullshit in form of “the Serbs are a great nation,great history,yada yada,yet all of your neighbours will always tell that you are the biggest excrement in Balkans.Your greatness exists in your eyes only,and of your great culture and history no one has ever heard but yourselves.

As for Croats being small (lol),I think that our kicking of Serbian ass on a few occasions,speaks volumes. (Call it ethnic cleansing if you want,because that’s what it is.It is not a bad thing as you try to spin it,since it has gotten our lands Serb-free.)
Croats are of west and always were of west,while you are currently nowhere,and are likely to stay there mentally.

 You are just another boastful Serb coming to a forum saying what a great people the Serbs are,yet they got their asses delivered to them due to the twisted machinations of world powers,jews,nazis and aliens.Win something,then we can speak..

Start apologizing for the Serbian fascist campaign in Croatia in the 90ies if you are such a big anti-fascist,but you are not,you are just a Serb being a Serb.You love for chetniks just proves that,and as long as guys like you continue to defend the chetniks we will be watching you,always ready to drag you into the woods for a game over session.