You are again claiming things that can easily be explained or disputed.

 Ustase=/= Chetniks. Chetnicks and Partisans were both against Germans, so Chetniks can not be compared to enemy allies, Ljoticevci and Nedicevci maybe to some extent, also Chetniks are older then WW2, you would be supprised how many known and unknown Croats went throught Chetniks.
3rd Serbs didn’t claim land that didn’t have Serbian majority in recent war.
4th so I think that is clear why “samo Sloga Srbina spasava” can not be the same as “za dom” ,  when it comes to butthurtisam za dom = heil Hitler, yea it just means to stand up for your country, but it has nazi past, which is the worst possible thing in modern liberal Europe :) , dodje kao da si reako ja usta svi ustase :D
CCCC is odlder then ww2 though.

Parts of Serbian Krajina that didn’t have historical Serbian majority were also part of military frontier where Serbs were populated by Austrians who gave land to Serbs in exchange to border protection. Many Croats left the land and went further north and as I said you heard for unijaćenje, to exaplain, that is one of the reasons why I wrote that there are Croats in former military frontier that have Serbian origin. Last name is easy give away in many cases. 

Yup, that is true we divided ourself <span>:smiley:</span> so now I guess you understand need for CCCC <span>:smile:</span>
Haha, tnx for advice, but maybe it is better idea if all Croats move to Germany like you did and left land free that we can move in like in time of Austrian empire  :p

Haha, yea all money went to Belgrade, because Tito was well know ultra Serbian nationalist  :D

Now blame Serbs for fall of Byzantine empire lol
It was not easy at all, Turks sweat a lot in atempts to took over Balkans, and they also had innner problems in that time, you know that Serbian Despotate fell more then 100 years after Kosovo battle and in it’s time culture and economy were on very high level.
In times of Dushan Turks were waek ans not united, if he attacked as he wanted maybe they would never unite. But this is just hypothesis same as some others, 
But it is long and complicated subject which recuire separate thread same fall of Byzantine empire :)

When it comes about Tompson too bad that he is Ustasa with such a voice he was able to gain much wider popularity if he sang some love songs instead :) od Vardara pa do Trigrava brale