Well yes thompson is a soldier and he will also sing about the war and serbians are doing the same on events like this and wear cetnik clothes or similar. Who cares? I would love to have a ustasa uniform which doesnt mean i would enjoy banishing serbs from their home…
Whats wrong with CCCC? Its the same as the “evil nazi U symbol” ustases use to show their claim over bosnia and united croatian lands. Personally im not offended by it but i cant understand butthurt serbs when they see the U. Same with “za dom spremni” which just means that you will stand up for your country and your people in case of war. But at the time its on the same level as “heil hitler” because of serbian butthurtism lol. 

I do not understand how and when did so many serbs came so far west to call for example krajina their homeland. The eastern part of republika srpska is understandable and logic that its full of serbs but how the hell did they get a mayority around banja luka in western bosnia, so far away from central serbia, making croatia look like you drilled yourself inside our heartlands…
Your people divided themselves by migrating where they were not invited.
Its harsh but if you want to unite yourselves simply move all serbs from western part of republika srpska to the eastern part and central serbia :P

And yes communists are not religious (opium for the people blabla).
Plus communism for serbs meant take the money from whole jugoslavija and move it to belgrade lol.

What could possibly be different? Dusan weakend the already very weak byzantine empire. The serbian empire could not face ottoman troops because they were too many and serbs had no stable state but a overexaggerated one. They simply did not have enough troops to defend their many new holdings inside greece. So ottomans easily overran serbia and eastern croatia.