Perun announced to us he is going to upgrade the forum, thus it will gain a new look. If I may suggest anything (and I hope I may), I would propose icons (some suitable pictures) to the particular threads in the main page (something similar to the Phora forum or slavic-unity.com – this has much nicer pictures).

Perun, maybe you should change the colour of hyperlink, 'cause I don't often notice it in the posts.

Svätoslava seems to have a lot of requests these days, don't you Svätoslava? :)

I personally don't like pictures on each section because such forums look immature with hundreds of little pictures. Thought all users can add their requests and ask for something, and i will put some things while some things won't pass. However, i will reconsider your request.

Just because I'm interested in this forum  :)

OK, it was just a suggestion, if you don't like it, then you don't  :)


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