Source (in Polish): http://wyborcza.pl/1,91446,10280420,Litwa__Grybauskaite_o_lojalnosci_litewskich_Polakow.html

There has been some controversy regarding the ethnic Polish minority in Lithuania. The issue stems from the 1994 Polish-Lithuanian agreement on the fact that citizens of each nation will be loyal to that nation regardless of the fact whether they are Polish Lithuanians or Lithuanian Poles. A point of contention has been that Poland allows its ethnic Lithuanians to spell their names, even on official documents, with Lithuanian phonetics. Lithuania, on the other hand, requires that its Polish minority convert its names to Lithuanian phonetics for official documents such as passports. Poles in Lithuania have protested publicly as a result of this, while Lithuanian president, Dalia Grybauskaite, assured the Polish government that Lithuania is being fair to its minorities.

So sad that Poles and Lithuanians had argues :/


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