Fair, yeah, right. ::) Earlier also they were saying that Poland was not being "objective".
Here is first lesson in Poland objectivity and fairness for "fair" and "objective" Lithuania:

Bilingual signs in Polish and Kaszubian:


Bilingual signs in Polish and German:


St Vladimir Foundation for Ukrainians:


And for Lithuanians, one example comes to mind: Gmina Puńsk recognizes Lithuanian language as official language together with Polish since 2006, and approved $450,000 budget for them that year. There are several Lithuanian cultural organisations of Lithuanians since 1992, several buildings dedicated to them (including ethnographic museum in Seyny), 17 Lithuanian schools where Lithuanian is official as well as meetings and music festivals, all funded by Polish taxes:


Oh yes, and we don't force them to write their names in Polish form. And then Lithuanian PM condemns recent vandalism of LITHUANIAN language signs in NE Poland? http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/08/24/us-poland-lithuania-idUSTRE77N00Q20110824

I won't even get into Lithuanian government neglect of Polish education concerns.

Very sad state of affairs.


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