Here I'm on the Polish side, 'cause IMO the Lithuanians are little bit paranoid of everything Slavic. A friend of mine had studied in Vilnius and it was like that :

[size=8pt]–  Are you a Russian?
+ No..
–  But your language sounds Slavic.
+ Actually it's Slavic.
–  So you are a Pole? It's more like Polish indeed.
+ Neither..
–  Because Poles are Slavic like Russians and we do not like Russians, they ruled over us such a long time.
+ OK.
–  We think all Slavs are like Russians… oh, how much we hate them!
+ OK..


LOL What ignorance and stupidity by that Litwin. It's pure jealousy of Slavs. Also isn't it funny how he speaks on behalf of Lithuanians?

I think this guy is a bad exception. I know a couple of Lithuanians too and they are very intelligent, nice and sympathic persons.


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