This pretty sad. The Russian government should heavily invest in modernizing infrastructure, especially since the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are going to be in Sochi. Infrastructure projects, which would be very extensive in Russia due to its size and need of massive upgrades in technology and roads (etc… etc…) would create a ton of work for both skilled and unskilled workers. Whether you can plan logistics or know engineering, or can only handle a shovel, such projects would be able to employ you for quite sometime. Russia has a lot of materials and resources at its disposal and so on.

But, Vladimir KGBovich Putin would rather indulge his people in some neo-Soviet vision of Russia and of the world. I mean, hell, in 2001 the "Russian Space Forces" were created. How the heck do they think that they can manage space technology if their basic aviation tech is pretty much shot to shit? Putin simply loves power and this makes problems for Russians and for Slavs in general, since a strong Russia is needed for a strong Slavic Europe.

All the neo-Soviet crap has gotta go. The faster the better.


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