My two cents on this: if current population of that land (either retired old Germans or unemployed NPD boneheads) are unable to cultivate it, then I say it's very good we move in. This was all Slavic land anyway before and belongs rightfully to ancient Polabian and Sorbian people, who were forcefully Germanized, so by buying up this dumps, we are slowly but surely reclaiming what is rightfully ours as Slavs.

When one travels along some border towns in former DDR, one can see that many of them are dead and abandoned. Poles and Czechs working close by should without hesitation buy up that property and secure Slavic presence in all this areas. If Germans could do it, why can't we?

That's a pretty bold idea considering that we are very much past the colonial/imperialist era! However, Germany does have an aging population and the country overall is in a slump, while Slavic Europe is on the rise in more ways than one. Thus, I'd say that your idea, Wilkolak, also just makes sense. Slavs ought to realize and fully take advantage of their strategic reality in Europe. Bringing to light ancient Slavic culture in Germanized land, such as Arkona, should be one those moves.


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