My two cents on this: if current population of that land (either retired old Germans or unemployed NPD boneheads) are unable to cultivate it, then I say it's very good we move in. This was all Slavic land anyway before and belongs rightfully to ancient Polabian and Sorbian people, who were forcefully Germanized, so by buying up this dumps, we are slowly but surely reclaiming what is rightfully ours as Slavs.

Bringing to light ancient Slavic culture in Germanized land, such as Arkona, should be one those moves.

To return the lands with Arkona, Stargrad and Radgosc (Rethra) would be great holiday for all Slavs! I wish it would occur sometime!
That's why Poles beginning to inhabit the old Slavic lands is very joyful news for me :) But by the way it's sad that our forum doesn't have, as I know, any Sorbian members. One should try to attract some of them here.
To conclude my post, Poles, try to populate these lands of Germany with as many people as possible! ;D


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