I am not suggesting colonialism/imperialism like we did Eastward, but covertly retaking what was once ours through demographic majority and building up areas which East Germans have neglected. Of course I am not suggesting war or force of any sorts. It must all be done peacefully.

Yes, that's what I meant. Germans, neglected it, it used to be Slavic, now Slavs have a chance to retake. And they should.

To conclude my post, Poles, try to populate these lands of Germany with as many people as possible! ;D

2011 – Löcknitz
2061 – Lechnica?  ::)

Though, Slavs should not neglect their own lands. First and foremost, we should make our part of Europe as best as it can be. Projecting power and influence beyond, should always come secondary, and only if necessary.


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