Zrkadlo already wrote it, this situation reminds us moving of the Slovaks to Rajka, a village on the other side of Danube. It's close to Bratislava where these Slovaks work, but they chose to live in northern Hungary because of lower prices.

That's true these areas were originally Slavic, but I'm not sure whether this is a safe investment. What if the EU will collapse? Then.. what if the Schengen area will be abolished, let's say, in 50 years? I hardly doubt this will happen in a peaceful way and then all of those old animosities between Europeans will come to light again.. As for Germany, the Germans will look for an enemy and they could easily accuse the Poles.. So, let's count : aggressive German policy + closed borders + new Polish settlers => this may lead to the expatriation of the Poles back to Poland only with knapsacks at their backs. They will possibly lose their houses and all property in Germany. On the other hand, if all of those catastrophic scenarios won't happen, children or grandchildren of these Poles won't work in Szczecin, but elsewhere in Germany, they will marry German women, thus they will assimilate into German society and this will be the end of any retaking plans of ancient Slavic lands in Germany  :P  On the present I do prefer homogeneous countries.. better 100% Polish Poland and 100% German Germany than 80% Polish Poland and 50% German Germany… I know I know, those areas were Slavic once.. but it's the past now. Just like Hungary – it was Slavic and it was not Hungary, but it's the past and now it's Hungary and it's mostly Hungarian.

Btw. I took a look at the map around Löcknitz and there are many Slavic names of villages/towns.. from this point of view it is interesting. Yes, Löcknitz could be Lechnica. The others – Grambow, Brüssow, Krackow, Güritz, Polzow, Rossow, Prenzlau, Grünow (possibly Zielonow), Zichow, Passow, Koblentz, Tantow, Torgelow, Lunow etc.

I mostly agree with you here. This situation bears a lot of conflict potential. On the other hand Poles are helping a depraved area by investing and settling there…difficult topic for sure.


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