Yeah, there is a lot of conflict potential here. Especially since the area around Löcknitz is one of two federal states in Germany where the NPD party has representation in the regional parliament. It is a fairly small representation, but still, the NPD is active there and they always seek to cultivate anti-Polish sentiment. For Poles to counter that with German bashing would be stupid and just light the powder keg that the NPD hopes to then exploit.

That's what I'm worried about, too. No matter how both sides profit from the situation, NPD-boneheads and old prejudices will portray the Poles as something bad and evil. I read somewhere that NPD started anti-Polish campaigns and Polish cars were damaged there although the Poles did nothing bad in Löcknitz and, as already said, they care for the old houses, invest in the town, even create jobs for the population. History really played bad for German-Polish relations.

As cheesy as it may sound, wouldn't just a good neighbor policy be the best solution? This would allow for the rediscovering of Slavic history in those areas without being outright invasive. Though, forecasting here can only accomplish so much. We must remain in tune with the situation and play it by ear.

Exactly my thoughts.


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