What is Neofolk and what is not is a tricky question. Basically, the term "Neofolk" only comprises projects which have their roots in Dark Wave, Industrial and Post Punk and mostly deal with "non-mainstream" (stupid expression, I know) themes (Occultism, heathenism, apocalypse, decay of nowadays civilization, historical themes, literature and so on). The name of this genre is slightly misleading since looking at the name, one could think that every modern day folk-music falls under "Neofolk". A loose definition can be seen here:

So, sorry Prelja, the things you posted do not fall under the definition of Neofolk ;)

Yes, you are absolutely right, my fault. I didn’t use wikipedia before posting :)

I think that the best solution imo would be the new thread Music inspired by folk. Could you make it and move my posts to it? Or maybe you have some other idea?  :)


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