Correct rticle, but there is one mistake… Hungarians came to the Carpathian mountains in 896, not the tenth century… Tenth century was the born of the Christian controlled Kingdom of Hungary

Author doesn't write about the arrival of Proto-Magyars.

"After the collapse of the Empire, early in the tenth century, the Slovaks came under the hegemony of the Franks and, later, about the end of the tenth century, under that of Hungary."

A part of Slovak inhabitants (which also lived much southwards than nowadays) came under the hegemony of Arpad's family line in the end of the 10th century, but the northern parts were not included – those were included later, in the end of the 11th century. The Carpathians run a large area, the year 896 is appropriate for the Carpathians in Romania, not in Slovakia.


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