In this thread, http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,763.0.html, about Janosik, which calls him "the Slovak Robin Hood," I was annoyed with what I found to be some Anglo-centered Chauvinism. In general, I find that there is a definite Western-centeredness to how Europe is looked at. Historical events may account for much of this, but even now, in the liberal era of political correctness, which seemingly goes against such things, the Western-centeredness remains.

E.g – Something good and Slavic is just a rehash of something Anglo or Germanic.

What do you make of this? And how do you think that it will change?

I think it's simply because this article is written in English language and naturally, if it is written in English comparisons with English persons will appear. I don't think that in a Slovak or Polish article he would be compared to Robin Hood or any other guy from the Anglo-Germanic sphere.


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