There is nothing strange that Sami share such high levels of EU7. Living in close proximity of Nordmannen for such long period of time (in fact, Saamis were there even before they came), it obvious that through all those centuries of proximity, that mixing and assimilations occured in ancient times. I don't get though why sites like metapedia and eupedia claim N3 Haplogroup to be of non-European origin when it has been in Europe for as long as those three which are generally considered as European haplogroups.

Perhaps because it is Eurasian haplogroup that occurs among many Asian peoples as well, but then again, so do all of those European ones (like they themselves even presented Tajik example), but still, noone will convince me that Finns, Balts and NW Russians (who have high levels of this haplogroup) are partly of non-European origin, when they themselves have more blondies with fair eyes/skin than any other parts of Europe. Then again, haplogroups do not represent race, only origins, from what I have understood and read before.

Croats will naturally have many genetic similarities with Southern Germans and Scandinavians, because Southern Germans themselves are mostly assimilated Celtic and Balkan peoples as far as genetics seem to show, while this study doesn't differentiate between two strands of I (Nordic one and Dinaric one) due to their common origin tens of thousands of years ago. It does say something though, since Croats tend to be very tall, like Scandinavians, though paradoxically, most Austrians/Bavarians are quite short, hairy and dark.

And obviously Poles will also share much of this haplogroup, because like Croats (I guess also Czechs and Slovenes), we have had much contact with Germanic peoples and we have also lived under them (both Prussian and Austrian rule) for hundreds of years. Also, Slavs around Baltic (now found mostly in Poland and parts of East Germany) had much contact with Nordmannen through trade and raiding, plus many vikings settled in Poland, so this all contributed to current genetic makeup of Poland and its similarity to other periphery Slavs.

Same above scenario would I am sure explain why Russians share much in common genetically with Baltic and Finnic populations, while rest of Southern Slavs tend to show much in common with Greeks and as well as more norhern Balkan peoples/tribes. But I am no expert, this is just me putting two and two together from available info, though I think it makes sense. Or perhaps some real geneticist/anthropologist should step in, tell me to shut up and explain it as it really is. ;D Pentaz, remember genetic discussions on SF?


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