Croatia  70%, Lithuania  10% ? And he mixed pure light irises with light-mixed eyes… Sorry but I have been in Croatia so many times (since I was 6 till now) and 70% is not what I've seen there. No offense  ;)

I'd place the photos of all of my friends, but i'm afraid i can't do that due to their privacy. So, to each his own, and people can believe what ever they want, i'm not here on agenda to prove anything to anyone for all i care.


Precisely. And do you know what the wettest dream of croats is?? To be austrians or germans.

OP shoud rephrase this title and say croats are more saami than southern slavic  LOL


Why are serbs so desperate trying to link themselves to croats, usually croats are reffering to u as gypsies, turks, arabs, and other filth.
Is it cool, like a italian claiming ancestry from the lombards or goths

Do you know what a science is as opposed to an opinion?? I am not trying to desperately claim anything i am merely stating my observations and probably in large part the truth. The only people with severe complexes are the croats they are the ones trying to portray or think of themselves as goths, germans, persians etc…

Next there is no difference between southern serbs and northern ones and furthemore no significant difference exists between serb, bosniak or croat. So your description of slovenes is the only accurate one. they are on the "northern" end while "yugoslavs" are middle or so and bulgarians are the "southern" end.

What i don't understand is why do you have to down Croats if they aren't that or that and yet in the same time try to claim that you are same as us… That's what puzzles me.

Thought truth to be told, i don't know how many of you here can really claim to be pale, blond and light as this Croatian girl tbh
on the right

or her sister on the right
or many others for all i know

but i guess others always know better :P i think we'll have to close this topic because i see it attracts to much either jealousy or unprovoked hate. Now tell me honestly Perunov Bes, do these Croatian girls, or you have seen my pic above, who's looking more "Goth" like? (don't make a mistake, i don't claim such bs that Croats were/are Ostro-Goths, never did but it's you who brought up the whole thing with your mind set to provoke. But just out of fun if i was like that for example, who is it more Scando-Goth like, me and these girls that i know or you?)


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