I've never said anything like Croats have no pale people or what.. I just say it's not the same as in south Poland and so on. I have been also in Serbia and of course, Croats are paler than Serbs, but it does not mean all of Croats are like that. Get it? There's nothing against the Croats, I like you, but please.. 70% of light eyes in Croatia while 76% in Iceland.. be honest, do you really think it's like that?

Oh that part of my post was directed to Perunov Bes actually, not your post :D I'll edit my previous post now.

I said i don't get how Charlestone made that chart, thus i said i ain't stainding behind it. Thought Dalmatians, and whole Panonians (Slavonia, Zagorje, Međumurje, north Lika) are all in general light eyed…only Herzegovians and around Makarska district in Dalmatia people tend to be dark eyed, and even darkhaired, they look europid 100% thought they are just pontid as Mediterraneans in general.

In my personal experience i'd say that 60% of Croats are light eyed, however i'd say that Icelandic and Scandinavian in general, Finnic, Baltic, nothern Polish, Baltic Russian etc people have almost from 90% – 100% light eyes imo in contrary to what is written there in a chart.

P.S.- as for Iceland again, it shouldn't be such an surprise if the % is right, since Iceland will have less light eyes than Norwegians and Swedes for example due to the fact that main Icelandinc ethnic composition is Norwegians and Irish slaves of which many were Mediterranean as many Iberians.


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