Greetings and Salutations my Slavic sisters and brothers  :)  I can't comment on my brothers Croatians simply because I don't know, but what I can do is to make a few comments on the things that I've observed. There is no way in the world that only 10% Lithuanians are light eyed. I knew a lot of them and can't recall any of them have brown eyes, and no I am not Lithuanian I'm Polish. All these charts, maps etc leave a lot to be desired.  As for Poland light eyes dominate no doubt about it, the hair don't know, seem to me like it's 50/50.  Just about all the polish kids are blond and as they grow up their hair gets darker or not. I highly suspect northern Poland being fairer than the rest of the country for the simple fact that western and northern Poland has been populated by Poles from Eastern Poland ( today's Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania ), after WWII, there should be no significant difference. Simple fact is unless close to 100% has been tested the results have to be taken with a grain of salt. But to each his own. Peace!  ;)


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