You see this post is exactly what I am talking about. Tell me something pentaz do the croat soccer team i posted resemble you or these two girls?? NO you are using a small minority to try and portray the majority as you imagine it to be. I am not putting down croats in any way or form but merely I am stating some facts. Physically croats resemble serbs FACT. they have issues with that and try to portray themselves as goths for example or these blonde blue eyed "aryans" so to speak this is not true. Quite simple really but apparently to you who likes to manipulate things this is hateful. ll leave you with a quote that sumarizes you quite well: Truth is hate for those who hate the truth.

So lets see :)

1) The haplogroup charts were set up (the Croatian conspiracy providing fake charts how Serbs are neolithic effecting all laboratories worldwide apparently???).
2) I was adopted.
3) These girls that i know, and i shouldn't use them as how a Croat looks like because it doesn't suits you even thought they are Croatian. Can i use my family members, or that also wouldn't suit you?

C'mon please. Like, mind your own business, who even mentioned you or your nation in this thread to begin with. Discussion is over from my side, talk what ever you want just do understand that when someone says anything good about Croats and you have to jump in to "prove" otherwise is really ridiculous.


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