Please explain these physical difference(s) you observed I am quite intrigued.
What you are talking about is a rather poor example of mentality. Religious influence yes it is evident and Croats are the fondest of Germans and Austrians out of all people. They do want to be like them hence the gothic theory to get over the fact they’re “Slavic”. Now Serbs do like Russians but they do not necessarily try to portray themselves as Russians because Russians are seen as “brothers” being “orthodox Slavs”. Alliances are many times based on religion and subject to change. Although this has more time devoted to it than its really worth when discussing mentality but so be it. Now let’s look at some other aspects of mentality that are more deep rooted. For example Germans are known to be very tidy, organized, clean, hardworking and so on people. Now one of the best indicators of a country’s cleanliness and I kid you not is the state of their public washrooms. Go to German public washroom, then go to a Slovenian one, then to a Croatian and finally to a Serbian. You will see quite the difference between the Slovenian and Croat one. Now if some of you here think this is a stupid example I’ll give you another. Take for example the constant “Balkan feuding” as some like to call it. Do you ever see Slovenes engaging of it or arguing with other ex “Yugoslavs” about the war or conflicts etc… no rarely they usually distance themselves from it. Now take the Serbo-Croat conflict you have riots, fan fights and so forth in the diaspora in for example Australia and elsewhere not to mention the constant internet warfare. This also provides some crucial insight into mentality as it does highlight the idea that it takes two to start a fight.
He does indeed overreach his nation as do a lot of Croats and if you can’t see that with the pictures he posted and some of the things he wrote then I am afraid you should visit an eye doctor or perhaps reread his posts it is blatantly obvious and offensive how much he tries to manipulate.

Oh god.. I'm not going to play your game, I won't put here any researches, any graphs, after all I'm not really into it, I rather prefer my eyes.. and "I'm afraid" you should act little less rude towards me, 'cause I dislike behavior like "you should visit the eye doctor", you absolutely don't know me, so why you are talking to me like that? I hope it is clear to you.
I also don't like overreaching of any nation, every nation has all racial types, but I do not understand your anger.. it's usual that nations intermix with their neighbours and with others who live/d in their territories, so please take some maps (historical ones too) and have a look at them. Then go to some cities, look at people's faces and find out there, the history meets the reality. That's all.


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