1. How thick in the head are you?? Theres only been two studies done in the world about serbs the peric and american one. The american one finds 20-25% less neolithic genes than peric thats huge. So yes a croat "studying" serbian genes is quite likey to be biased.

wth are you talking about? I took those numbers from this study: http://www.eupedia.com/europe/european_y-dna_haplogroups.shtml

That's an ongoing study which constantly adds the haplogroups found in samples they get from countries, and they just update the chart, has nothing to do with us. Just get over it…you don't have same genetic background as we do for crying out loud.

Its you who doesnt have a clue about genetics. Eupedia is not a study the owner Maciamo just takes a study or if there are studies takes the averages and posts them. On Serbs two studies have been done one. None of which were done by serbs while all the studies on croats have been done by croats. One was done by the CROAT peric and one by an American team. Maximo posted the avgs of the two studies on his site. You specifically used peric refer to these numbers from eupedia:
  Serbia I1a: 6.5 I2a: 34.5 I2b 0.5 R1a 15 R1b 7 G 1.5 J2 6.5 J1 0.5 E 20.5 T 3 Q 1 N 2

Notice the far smaller E, J, and T values??

Now you also dont have a clue about bias if one study finds over 20% less of neolithic or non european genes and this is done bya  more "neutral" source and the croat one finds huge numbers of "non-european" genes while Croats are the purest europeans in that study it reeks of manipulation.


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