To back up Pentaz a bit , I ll contribute my old pic aswell. Maybe I am adopted too.

Kompleksi su zajebana stvar.

Oh indeed they are, you and pentaz are brilliant examples. Now this has me wondering what is your natural hair color as this pic http://i56.tinypic.com/1jq1pt.jpg clearly shows you are not blonde so you therefore must dye your hair but what is natural??? Explain how you are backing him up would you like me to start posting pics of all the blonde serbs i know?? Create it into that?? Where are all these predominate blondes in the following pics ehh??

Croatian waterpolo team:
Brown and black is dominant

Croatian basketball teams:
dominant hair color??

Here is some local croat club apart from the two negros what is the dominant hair color??

This is a bigger photo of my avatar:
http://s1084.photobucket.com/albums/j416/krki1/?action=view&current=perunov4.jpg for the purpose of anthropology show your face or facial features now this might not be the best photo but oh well you get the idea. And FYI i was classified as a cromagnoid+ gorid or alpinid 


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