Its you who doesnt have a clue about genetics. Eupedia is not a study the owner Maciamo just takes a study or if there are studies takes the averages and posts them. On Serbs two studies have been done one. None of which were done by serbs while all the studies on croats have been done by croats. One was done by the CROAT peric and one by an American team. Maximo posted the avgs of the two studies on his site. You specifically used peric refer to these numbers from eupedia:
  Serbia I1a: 6.5 I2a: 34.5 I2b 0.5 R1a 15 R1b 7 G 1.5 J2 6.5 J1 0.5 E 20.5 T 3 Q 1 N 2

Notice the far smaller E, J, and T values??

Now you also dont have a clue about bias if one study finds over 20% less of neolithic or non european genes and this is done bya  more "neutral" source and the croat one finds huge numbers of "non-european" genes while Croats are the purest europeans in that study it reeks of manipulation.

Me not having a clue about Genetics? Oh i see, it's you Mr.Perunov Bes with a degree in genetics, silly me. It's you who can't swallow the fact that you have neolithic Genes for some reason.
I see, yes Marijana Peričić…such a Croatian conspiracy machine she is. She is sworn to portray Serbs as more "Neolithic", that's her agenda and her life goal! Whoa, because we all know that would heavily shake the foundations of Serbia and it's existence, she's such a genius villian…Anyway, she wasn't the only one in that study, besides what's so unbelievable in that, you have a lot of neolithic genes due to mixing with Greeks, same story as Macedonians.

[img width=700 height=496]http://oi56.tinypic.com/2nktjjs.jpg”/>
right click + view image for full size

R1b 10.6
R1a 15.9
I1b  29.2
E    20.4
J      5.3

About the study:

What about Estonian geneticist Siiri Rootsi – is he as well a conspirator?
What about Serbian scientist in that same study – Đorđe D. Bajec and Branislav D. Stefanović – i presume Serbian traitors then?
What about this Scottish geneticist Richard Villems – is he as well anti-Serbian conspirator?

You know who provided Serbian samples? Everything is written here: http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/22/10/1964.full.pdf+html

Serbian sample providers:
*Emergency Unit of Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
*Serbia and Montenegro;Medical Faculty

and this is the list of sample providers and in general all the institutes that were a part of this study:
*Estonian Biocentre,
*University of Tartu, Tartu,
*Estonia;School of Public Health

*University of Edinburgh
*MedicalSchool, Edinburgh, Scotland

*Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla,
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

*Emergency Unit of Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade,
*Serbia and Montenegro;Medical Faculty

*University of Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosovo

*Medical Faculty, University of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

*Institute for Anthropological Research, Amrusˇeva 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
*School of Public Health AndrijaSˇ tampar,
*University of Zagreb Medical School, Zagreb, Croatia

and there where two of your scientist in the whole study as mentioned above. So again wtf are you on about? I can only tell you in a friendly manner to get rid of your frustration with Croats (and complexes which are evident from your posts) and rather focus on yourself. Lying isn't getting you anywhere.

now about the American Study (on wikipedia the neglected the amount of J, but it probably is around 5-7% since that's exactly the one which lacks here, and by this American study you even have less R1a for example than in the study above):

                        I2a R1b  R1a  E1b1b
Serbia         38.5 4.5 14.6  17.3
Montenegro 29.2 9.0 7.4   27.0


So in this American study as well we see high E1b1b and i guess there is J however they haven't written it here on wikipedia. So there is a high neolithic (i believe Hellene influx) in Serbian population. So, what exactly is your problem? it's a fact we have double and a half more R1a, more I2a, double more R1b and almost non-existent neolithic genes in Croatia, what part bothers you so much out of that? Besides i thought you like Greeks, so i don't understand the problem here… and i still don't understand why did we have to discuss these things nor is your provocative tone clear to me, so read what Wilkolak has written to you in the post above.


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