I knew it was mistake to join this argument , even with one sentence , but I wont stay here cos I dont like your violent tone … you rly should relax and find some other way to get rid of your frustrations bout everything without bashing ppl and accusing on every fucking topic. No , I never dyed my hair , why would I? I love the colour of it and I found it a bit gay to change look in that way for a man. On pic u posted I have short hair and I am wearing a cap. When shorter my hair looks more golden brown till it grows and also there is light , bad phone camera and other subjects that might influence. I suppose I dye my hair when its length is 3milimeters? Is that even possible?

Pls leave your arrogant accusations of me lying , to yourself. Once again , we had great atmosphere here between every slavic nation till u came with your bullshit , just get laid or something.


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