Wow, you're a hard case, aren't you  ;D
Have you maybe missed this part of my post:

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What about Estonian geneticist Siiri Rootsi – is he as well a conspirator?
What about Serbian scientist in that same study – Đorđe D. Bajec and Branislav D. Stefanović – i presume Serbian traitors then?
What about this Scottish geneticist Richard Villems – is he as well anti-Serbian conspirator?

You know who provided Serbian samples? Everything is written here: http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/22/10/1964.full.pdf+html

Serbian sample providers:
*Emergency Unit of Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
*Serbia and Montenegro;Medical Faculty

and this is the list of sample providers and in general all the institutes that were a part of this study:
*Estonian Biocentre,
*University of Tartu, Tartu,
*Estonia;School of Public Health

*University of Edinburgh
*MedicalSchool, Edinburgh, Scotland

*Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla,
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

*Emergency Unit of Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade,
*Serbia and Montenegro;Medical Faculty

*University of Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosovo

*Medical Faculty, University of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

*Institute for Anthropological Research, Amrusˇeva 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
*School of Public Health AndrijaSˇ tampar,
*University of Zagreb Medical School, Zagreb, Croatia


Đorđe D. Bajec and Branislav D. Stefanović

It, wasn't only a "Perić study", it's not him alone in laboratory or something. It was a whole bunch of them including your Serbian scientists, Bosnian ones, Macedonian ones, and neutral scientists form Estonia and Scotland. Your god damn institutions were involved in that "Perić" study :D

Everything is here: url=http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/22/10/1964.full.pdf+html

The Serbs were not involved they were the ones who collected the samples got written permission etc… the estonians and scots i do not know but in the labratories they were not seeing as this was done in CROATIA by a CROATIAN team led by PERIC

Perhaps youll like to rereard my post where i tell you to go and get  "similarities" off eupedia


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