perunov bes

You are welcome to disagree with people's opinions. You are welcome to counter arguments in civilized fashion.

You are not welcome to be a d*** and attack people with ad hominem attacks (like you did with Svätoslava and Pentaz) just because you don't like what they have to say. Please try to maintain some level of courtesy when you reply to people.

Otherwise, you are welcome to find another forum where this kind of thing is welcome.

Ad hominem attacks hmm complex word you are using would you care to break down its meaning to lay man terms, explain its context, and when it is commonly used?

To the slovak woman I see nothing offensive written she stated that her eyes saw so and so while I stated that I my eyes tell me that slovaks strongly resemble africans. Why is her opinion more valid than mine?? I mean hey after all they are both unsubstaniated are they not?

To pentaz hmm I do not see these excessive vulgarities is calling an "almighty  forum mod" a capital offence to you LOL


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