Ad hominem attacks hmm complex word you are using would you care to break down its meaning to lay man terms, explain its context, and when it is commonly used?

No, I don't feel need to get involved in some language debate about meaning of term "ad hominem", but your ad hominem attacks on mods of this forum (calling Pentaz "thick-headed" or attacking Svaty's eyesight) because you don't happen to like what they said, are unacceptable on this forum.

Instead of discussing your disagreements with arguments they have presented like civilized human being, you behave like some rude, insolent and complexed asshole (note, this is not ad hominem, since I am not attacking you personally, only how you are behaving, in case you decide to get clever with this), who seems to think that only he can be right and that anything else that deviates from your chain of thought, does not warrant civil debate.

To the slovak woman I see nothing offensive written she stated that her eyes saw so and so while I stated that I my eyes tell me that slovaks strongly resemble africans. Why is her opinion more valid than mine?? I mean hey after all they are both unsubstaniated are they not?

She stated her opinion based on her observations. She has been to both countries and thus can compare both peoples, who are similar in looks, but no doubt there are some differences. Your comparison is simply ridiculous.

It's like saying leopard is similar to jaguar, and claiming it is as unsubstantiated as saying that lion looks like rhinoceros and claiming it is equally unsubstantiated.

To pentaz hmm I do not see these excessive vulgarities is calling an "almighty  forum mod" a capital offence to you LOL

I was not talking about that earlier, but he was not rude to you like you were to him. This forum is about friendly atmosphere maintained between fellow Slavs. Last time I say this, you don't like it here, please go somewhere else; but if you respect purpose of this forum, you are welcome to stay if you moderate yourself. Understand?


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