well Ustase's weettest dreams were to be perceived as Goths by the fuhrer. Luckily they are in a minority. Most croats are proud of their slavic past like Pentaz and the others on the fora.

Croats are southern slavs, they're like us serbs and we're like them. Divided during the schism between the western/eastern church. Until like 1100's we helped each other out many times  + fought (wouldn't be slavic if you couldn't unite hehe)

I don't want to stir arguments here, but I have to say that Croats are not like Serbs, and Serbs are not like Croats. There is nothing bad about that.  I really don't understand why are Serbs constantly telling us what we are and what we aren't.

Back on topic. I can only say that from what I have seen light eyes and light hair is pretty common among Croats.
I had 19 classmates in my highschool and 13 of them had light eyes (including me) if I remember correctly :) 5 of them had blond hair and others had light to medium brown hair. On my college light eyes and hair are common too.


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