Croats are not like Serbs, they are to wide of an ethnogenesis, linguisticaly and culturaly, to be considered same as the Serbs. Some Croats however, those inhabiting regions that they border or share with the Serbs, surely are similar in language and culture (I even heard some Croats have Slava and play Gusle), as well as those inhabiting regions bordering with Slovenia share common cultural and linguistical traits with the Slovenes, which is normal everywhere in the world.

Croats and Serbs inhabited the same space for probably two millennia, in the ancestral regions as well as in the current ones. Only in the last 50 years, because of the WW2, have they shown animosity towards each other, and that because of a German.

Montenegrans, and Montengrin serbs play gusle, not serbian serbs, also albos play them.
Croats also have Lijerica/Lirica which is relative instrument to gusle, but Montenegrin/Serbs, or Albos dont have them.
So Croats are the only ones who have sort of instrument family of gusle.

To be honest, minus the language, I see Serbs more similar to Bulgarians, which funnily also genetically shows on autosomal level


YG/RS- Serbs from Serbia, RS, and MN
Slav-Northen Slavs

This shows a genetic distance, or 'srodnost', and we are close, but if we were more related we would overlap


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