Montenegrans, and montengran serbs play gusle, not serbian serbs, also albos play them.
Croats also have Lijerica/Lirica which is relative instrument to gusle, but Montenegrin/Serbs, or Albos dont have them.
So croats are the only ones who have sort of instrument family of gusle.

Well, Divljak I must say I absolutley adore your complete ignorance of Serbian culture and desire to discuss it with such remarkable ignorance. Name gusle is derived from Proto-Slavic гослъ – string.
There is distantly related Russian instrument gusli.
But luckily for us we did wrote thing or two about ourselves during our history. Byzantines caught two Slav spies with guess what? First mention of gusle among Serbs was from XII century, whne Friedrich Barbarosa met with Stefan Nemanja (I hope you do not consider him non Serb), it was near Niš which is not in Montenegro. Most famous gusle player was Filip Višnjić from Ugljevik, (It is in Bosna near Serbian border), well to cut the story it is traditional in all Serbian areas except Vojvodina.
PS even Poles in XVII century were writing about Serbian gusle.

Other than that I dont have much to say, since this is just part of human genome, and researchers using similar methods offten getd different results.


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