My objection as not that, my objection is that your perecption about Serbian culture is factualy wrong, nothing more and nothing less. I am absolutley ok with you loving your people, but you should try to less mention mine, espetialy since you are obviously ignorant about Serbian tradition. On other hand, Gusle are from Middle Asia not from Greece. It is absolutley unimportnat care from whom Croats took them, from Serbs, Greeks, Albanians, or Macedonians.
@Cvetinov, what is point of such fights, from my opinion there is nothing wrong in their posts except this last offtopic about gusle, whcih was provoked by you. They have gusle so what? What do we have from that? Even if they borrowed from us, so what? Man, you really should start  giving more attention to Serbian topic, not Croatian. :) I think it is better way to contribute this forum.

I didnt say they are from Greek, altho there is possibility they came from them to us, as firstly Alexandar the Great went all the way to India, and later on Roman empire stretched well into Asia, so it could happen


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