Gusle are mostly found among mountainous people here in Balkans as far as i know. Both Serbian Vojvodians and Croatian Slavonians and Zagorians etc don't use such instruments and these people are most Slavic of our nations. Gusle were mostly used by Illyrians that were under Byzantine influence, and Vlachs (and Albanians among others) thus we have them today among Serbs and Croats, and thats why Russians have Gusli as well, due to Byzantyne influence.

And Mongolians as well, as well as other steppe people, all due to Byzantine Influence, eventhough the instrument is older and mentioned earlier than the Byzantine Lyra. Lijerica as well as Gudulka may have come from the Byzantine Lyra, but Gusli is to similar to other steppe instruments, furthermore older and more archaic in appearance than the Byzantine Lyra.

Gusle – means string, has nothing to do with Byzantine influence

– Now one of those pictures where people put their hand on the face, would be great.


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