Actually, pentaz, that is not true, people from area around Krakow have lots of that Eu7, and southern croats have it more thean northen.
R1a in the north could actually come from mixing with hungarians, who are predominantly R1a, and with Croatia its most predominant in NE where actually Hungarian presence was most dominant.
You also need to remember, that majority of Croats in Slavonia were converts to islam, and after reqonquista they were expelled into ottoman empire, i.e Bosnia, and by today became Bosniaks, while Slavonia was left half empty, it needed to be resettled from the rest of AU empire.

This also shows on that map as we partly have some overlap with Hungarians as well.

Then by that logic the presence of I halogroup in Slavonia would be nearly 50% thanks to the remaining ones :)

Solin jesi to ti majke ti ;D


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