That's the point about which I am talking about all the time!!!
Islam (less Christianity and Ortodox, but both of the either) are doing everything to delete our Slavic history, and the feeling that we are Slavs.

Instead of that, there are many islamic asociations, like Mladi Muslimani (Young Muslims) – http://www.mm.co.ba/ doing all they cant to install our kids the idea that: "Bosniak muslims are not the same as Croats and Serbs. We belong to the oriental and islamic culture, not european. Don't care about the lands that "unfortunately" talk simular to us, they are not our brothers – our brothers are on the Middle East".

Islamisation is a fucking big problem here.. Old traditions (like Jurjevo, Perundan etc) are "not bosnian", because they are Slavic. Bosnian = Islamic.


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