Christianity came to Europe as an idea and was shaped here to its present form while Islam, on the other hand, developed fully in Arabian peninsula and then spread across the Mediterranean. There is no doubt that TEACHINGS of Islam and Christianity have some things in common but religion is much more than that. I will say freely that Europeans today generally do not believe in God but still their identity is shaped by the standards of western civilization – Christendom.  Bosnia was also created in the arms of the west and it will hopefully again embrace its true heritage and culture. Modern muslims in Bosnia in general are more similar to their Christian neighbors then to Turks and Arabs. I would say that they are ( I repeat – in general) muslims on paper but even that prevents them in reconciling with their ethnic origins. Its not strange that proper nationalism, pan-slavism etc. is represented among those individuals who left Islam for Atheism, Agnosticism, Rodnovjerje or even Christianity.  I just need to add that certain muslims in the Ottoman period and in time of Austria-Hungary had strong national Bosniak and Slavic identity. The most famous of them Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak (19. century) thought of Bosniaks  as multi-religious  Slavic people and wrote this : " As far as Serbs and Croats, they are parts of south Slavic knightly people as we are too and we are on the first place.". He also wrote that Bosnia " can be everything but Turkish never".
Ideas like these are the first step in abandoning Islam because muslims here dont "fear allah", islam is like some kind of tradition which can be annulled with advocacy for their true legacy. ;)


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