> Not all competition is good for a country’s economy. Foreign competition can destroy your local industry. As a rule, such trade agreements are terrible for a country’s industry and hence its economy and sovereignty in the longer run.

Not all competitions. I stated only some industries are protected through tariffs and taxes. In general , the competition is good for economy. Otherwise, we’d face a situation similar to that of Soviet Union that was spending so many resources to produce cotton (building new canals and draining rivers) or growing rice and tea in southern Russia, when it was cheaper to buy those products from abroad.  Countries should trade those products in which they specialise having comparative advantatge in producing them.

> The EU is a wannabe United States of Europe. As such it is actively hostile towards the traditional nation.

Originally, EU was a union of European economies.  EU was introduced after WWII for European countries to rely on each economically and also to stop the  fighting against each other. In the last 25 years, after fall of USSR, particularly in the last 10 year,  EU has become a political organisation which lead to many recent problems.

> That’s my point. If we cannot participate as equals then we should not participate. If you’re not paying with money you’re paying in other ways. There’s no free lunch, and being economically dependent leads to being politically dependent too. I don’t want my country’s future to be that of EU’s backyard and neither would I recommend it to Poles.

Bulgaria has always beein in the sphere of some political organisation – Ottoman empire, Soviet Union, European Union. New blocks are forming all over the world. In south-america, far-east, Africa, middle Asia, Eurasia. A small country will not survive on its own. Even Switzerland officially not part of EU is integrated in EU more than east European country through bilateral agreements.

> So how does that translate to something that actually matters? Or am I supposed to sell my country for fancy bullshit slogans?

One of the indicator’s of people’s well being  is GDP per capita. Polish society has become richer because what it produces today is valued 4 times of what it was 10 years ago.


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