For me Bosnians are rather a special and interesting kind of Slavs than something extremely Islamic and revolting due to it. It could be even very convenient for other Slavs to have in their family some representatives belonging to Islamic religion, who knows how to interact with the Islamic world. How here was said, it's not important what is a governmental faith, it's important how population of a country realizes its origin. Bosnians have to bond themselves with Slavs and not with Turks, Arabs, … – that's a real task to solve. They should have known that Slavs are not only Serbs and Serbian view of the world.
What concerns living in peace together with Islamic people, I don't see there something difficult. Russia has a lot of experience in it. (don't mention Chechnya). I mean Tatars, Bashkirs and other Islamic folks in Russia. My grandfather lived in the village which had near it istead of Russian villages also Islamic (Tatar and Bashkir) and Mari villages. But there wasn't any trouble and quarrels between them. Only respect to each other and acceptance of others belief can result in the prosperous future life.


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