I noticed most of you guys are very anti-bosnian muslim's or even bosnians of muslim origin. I dont know why you have problems but i have very good experiences with most bosnians. They are far less agressive than other ex-yugoslavians including us slovenians. In slovenia they are one of few foreign people who assimilate well into Slovenian society.

They are just as Slavic as Russians, Poles, Belarus, etc. Sure they are muslims but that dosent mean anything. They are muslim slavs in their bosnian homeland. What about, Gorani, Pomaks, Torbeš and Bulgarian muslims? They are Musllim slavs as well and they have many slavic traditions.

I think main reason that many Bosnians have become overy islamic is becouse of Yugoslav wars. Before this war many Bosnians were atheist or didnt bother so much with their muslim faith.


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