>>Imports brings competition<<

Not all competition is good for a country’s economy. Foreign competition can destroy your local industry. As a rule, such trade agreements are terrible for a country’s industry and hence its economy and sovereignty in the longer run.

>>How is it a problem of the EU<<

The EU is a wannabe United States of Europe. As such it is actively hostile towards the traditional nation.

>>Most former east block countries are ‘beggars’, as all  contribute
little getting plenty in return. Five countries
 (Germany, France, Italy,
UK, Spain) account for 75% of EU budget.<<

That’s my point. If we cannot participate as equals then we should not participate. If you’re not paying with money you’re paying in other ways. There’s no free lunch, and being economically dependent leads to being politically dependent too. I don’t want my country’s future to be that of EU’s backyard and neither would I recommend it to Poles.

>>Goods and services produced by Poland have increased in value 4 times in the last 10 years. That’s what GDP is.<<

So how does that translate to something that actually matters? Or am I supposed to sell my country for fancy bullshit slogans?

It’s a rhetorical question, btw. If so many Poles are working outside the country, it’s obvious not everything is going peachy over there.


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