@Dzik Yeah, the lower case ſ seems odd nawadays. I’m not sure, but I believe it came from German. You can still see it in the Jägermeister / Jägermeiſter  logo.
What was the old Polish alphabet like, or was it more or less the same as it is today? Would you change anything? 


@Perun Thank you. In comparison both Glagolitic and Cyrillic are much older. The bohoričica is just an orthography of the Latin script, created during the Reformation. Older texts exist in Slovene but they didn’t follow a unified standard until Bohorič came along. The Latin script was the first script used to write in Slovene (Brižinski Spomeniki). Glagolitic was present, mostly in the Primorska region. I don’t know of any historic Cyrillic texts in our language though.
I was actually thinking of trying to create a Glagolitic orthography for the Slovene language since I’m not aware of one existing already. It will take some time to research thoroughly. Think I should go for it?


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