1, 2 and 3 are crap in my opinion.

On 1 I would sort of agree. Most hair care products are geared for blondes, thus there is some greater preference to blondes overall, but this in no way means that EVERYONE likes blonds. I like blonds, but the "bombshell" movie star types typically way too Barbie-like.

2 – Yeah, lol. This is crap. People pair bond and have for pretty much their whole existence. Some people are swingers and players, what have you, but I cannot see such behavior as normal. They are just making up for some other short coming and/or dissatisfaction in their life.

3- this is getting way too Freudian. Not everything can be based on sex and male power desire. By today, society and family have changed so much that these old formulas should all be called into question.

Then, 10… yea this is true. But then so is the fact that most corrupt bankers are Jews. Some use bombs, other excessive usury. To hell with them both. It is also worth noting that many Muslims condemn Osama and this cronies, while Jews always cry "anti-Semitism!" when someone is criticizing them or their intrinsically crooked belief system.


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