Many of us here are interested in our Slavic ancient faith. That's why I think the idea of Slavic heathenry revival appeared by everyone.
In this topic I want you to discuss two aspects of this question:
1) Final view of heathenry national faith in your country and its bond between our countries.
2) A possible way to set up Slavic old faith as the national religion.

First of all, in most of the Slavic countries even thought Rodnovjerje is a strong movement, no where administration wise isn't recognized as some sort of religon…so first, that should be made, to get the authorities to recognize it as a official legal faith so people practicing it wouldn't be viewed as some sort of cultists.

Let me construe these 2 points in my instance. I will speak about Russia.
I think that eventually Russian national faith should consist of christianity and heathenry being of equal worth. I don't know what to do with all orthodox churches and temples if heanthry prevails. So also taking into account a lot of people today belonging to Orthodox faith this faith shouldn't be eliminated at all.

Orthodoxy and Catholicism are both quite strong in Slavic countries…so naturally you wouldnt like to be an opressor of your own people and force them to Rodnovjerje, but for example messures should be made to at least try to make our people show interest in their native faith, and in some longer period many would maybe even convert.

The problem is existence of a main deity. Should national heathenry faith be monotheistic or not? Instead of many rodnovers, who stands up for Rod supremacy, I consider a lot of equally strong deities to be significant part of heathenry. I suppose a main god is a personal choice of everyone. Therefore the slavic temples have to be erected only voluntarily and as much as possible without any destruction of nature. In first order heathenry is a connection between a man and nature.
As a result I'd like to see the following pattern in Russia: a lot of slavic sanctuaries scattered through the whole country, dedicated to different deities and located in impressive natural places. If every slavic country holds this strategy the global European pattern will be like in the ancient centuries, when a lot of slavic pilgrim made a rise to such magnificent Slavic temples like Arkona. It will greatly enhance the interslavic relationships. :)

Rodnovery, or Rodnovjerje is a good and easy transition for Christnians into Slavic ancestral faith. Becase 1 supreme Christian god is similar to the Rodnovjerje standpoint of Rod as supreme god…even thought i believe Rodnovjerje shouldnt be such, but made of whole pantheon of Slavic gods, it's a good start.

But the second point doesn't vanish. How can we lead heathenry to a national faith? And generally speaking, do we need to make it a national faith? Or will it be enough to be a faith of folk? I hold an opinion of promotion of the Slavic faith among a folk and gradual development from the lower strata to at least a faith of folk. Let christianity even be a government faith. The main is that folk chooses heathenry. By the way if we consider Russia, some finnish folks like Mari have been keeping to their old pagan faith even so far and popularity of its increases.

There's no need to make it national faith, but as i said it should be recognized and made official, so people wouldn't think of it as some sort of cult (as such groups usually deflect new people), so if it would be official many would actually become interested in it.

Why then Slavs can't do it?

Actually, i believe we have the largest heathen groups out of all ethnicities in Europe. It's just our population is huge in numbers and you hear much more of radical Christians (especially among Croats & Poles Catholics, and Serbs and Russians orthodox). Rodnovjerje still has some sort of underground movement feeling to it.


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