[size=14pt] Legend of the Koźmin city foundation[/size]

The city is located in the Krotoszyński district, about 15 miles north of Krotoszyn


Long time ago, unknown wanderer traveled across the land of Wielkopolska (Grand Poland). In his wanderings he avoided human settlements, feeling the best in the least accessible part of an old forest, in the company of wild animals. One day he saw two eagles circling above him, as if they wanted to say something. Suddenly the birds flew then returned to him carrying snakes in their beaks.

The wanderer turned his steps in the direction from which the birds came. Imagine his surprise when he saw a tangle of snakes among the rocks, and a baby crying in it. It was a little girl dressed in a robe embroidered with gold thread. The man realized that he had before him a child from a wealthy family, which for some unknown reason bad people abandoned in the forest on the inevitable destruction.

View of helpless child touched him so much that he decided to settle down in the forest, abandon his journey and take care of the girl. Years passed. The traveler grew old, lost his strength, his hair turned gray. The girl grew and became beautiful with each passing year. From his protector she learned to love the forest and its inhabitants, be good and sensitive to the misery of every living creature.

One day the old man heard the voices of men and horses coming into his domicile. It was a procession of the young prince, who got lost in the woods. The old man together with his beautiful girl came out to meet the guests. The unexpected guests invited by an old man sat down to supper, during which they were spinning their tales.

The young prince told about the history of his duchy, fratricidal fighting, which devastated the country many years ago, the mysterious disappearance of a tiny princess. The old man pondered a moment and brought from the chamber the outfit decorated with fine gold embroidery, the same in which he found a baby years ago. Prince easily recognized the royal coat of arms. He bowed to the girl and the next day he took her to the castle as the rightful heir of those lands.


On the orders of the Duke a new settlement was established at the meeting place and was given its name derived from the history of this place – Koszżmij (basket of vipers), later over the years transformed into Koźmin and the river which flowed by the village was named Orla (Eagle river).



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