Although this news was anticipated, its appearance doesn't become less irritative for me. The one what emerges when I hear it is malice.  >:( How long will this pair decide the fate of Russia? The moral decay and total corruption is the main our enemy and it will have been much more stronger for additional 12 years, if something won't occur. The young Russian people are absolutelly fed up with this archaic Soviet system.  >:( It seems to me that a new revolution (revolution but not evolution unfortunately) is at hand.

To be quite frank, a substantial amount of a head of state's ego is how content he sees his people to be. The fact is, lots of Russians do like Putin. Perhaps many don't, but he is able to keep up his own delusions about that by either ignoring them or having his loyalists minimize them. Given his hold on media and other outlets, this ends up working. Putin seems like the only choice for Russia and not enough Russians are openly discontent with Putin and the Putinites. I may be being a bit presumptuous here as I have never been to Russia, but it seems to me that a grass-roots movement is badly needed there. One that is geared towards young people so as to wear down and break this neo-Soviet racket for good. The first Russians born post-USSR are about 20 now… by 2015 or so, someone from that generation should run for office.

Somewhat related joke:
What's the difference between Czarist Russia and Soviet Russia?
In Czarist Russia, power went from Father to Son, in Soviet Russia it went from Grandfather to Grandfather (от деда к деду). Putin's Russia is an awkward, half-assed, and crooked movement away from this, but he is still not managing to get anywhere truly worthwhile.


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