Although this news was anticipated, its appearance doesn't become less irritative for me. The one what emerges when I hear it is malice.  >:( How long will this pair decide the fate of Russia? The moral decay and total corruption is the main our enemy and it will have been much more stronger for additional 12 years, if something won't occur. The young Russian people are absolutelly fed up with this archaic Soviet system.  >:( It seems to me that a new revolution (revolution but not evolution unfortunately) is at hand.

The best solution would be if the Slavs of Russia (Novgorodians and Tverians) and everyone else (Caucasus people etc.) seperate from disgraceful Muscovia so Putin and his mafia-pals will reign only over Moscow and surrounding areas without resources and access to the sea. To achieve this Slavs of Russia must stop identifying themselves with Muscovia. Moskals always were anti-Slavic, destroyed Novgorod and Tver Republics and stole their heritage the same way they did with Ukraine and Belarus.


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