Local Bulgarian residents went to vandalize the property of the famous and influential local Roma leader, but were largely restrained by a 200-strong deployment of police.

This action is understandable for wanting to keep the peace, however it looks painfully ironic nonetheless.

Interethnic tensions have been simmering in Katunitsa for years, with locals complaining of Tsar Kiro and members of his family exercising a self-styled rule over the community, with authorities doing little or nothing to curb it.

If you invite a guest into your house and they start to act they own the place, you give them the boot. The situation is more complicated on a national level, but letting a rogue group like this just do their own thing and then taking limited action when they commit murder (after having contributed to crime for months past) is just wrong. The spineless PC nature of the Europe's governments seems to get more sickening each week.


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